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What Sized Pallets We Have to Offer

The size pallets you need directly correlate to the products you sell. Luckily, we offer a variety of sizes for your business. 

Our sizes include: 

  • 48x48

  • 48x45

  • 48x40 A & B

  • 44x44

  • 43x43

  • 42x42

  • 41x41

  • 40x40

  • Mixed Sizes available upon request for a discount

Variety of sizes

Why Buy Used Wooden Pallets?

If you’re looking for 48 x 40 wood pallets for sale, you might be considering buying used. There are multiple benefits to buying used pallets. These include: 

Main Benefits 

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More Affordable Price Points 

Used wooden pallets are far more affordable than their brand-new counterparts. Every business is looking for a way to cut costs, and purchasing used pallets is a great way to do that. 

A Sustainable Alternative

When you’re searching for wooden pallets near me in your city, you might not realize that buying used pallets can reduce your carbon footprint. Recycled anything is better for the environment but sticking with used pallets cuts down on tree clearing and ensures pallets are fully used before being disposed of.

No Loss of Durability

Wooden pallets that have been treated properly retain their durability for many months and even years. This means you never have to worry about weak or unreliable materials when you buy used over new ones. 

Why Used Pallets Are Best for Your Company

If you want to find bulk wooden pallets for sale, you’re in the right spot. We work with companies like yours looking for reliable transport for their products. The types of pallets we sell have long been used by a variety of companies in countless niches to carefully and safely transport items. With a variety of cost-effective and environmental benefits, this could very well be the best option for your company. 

Want to learn more about your options? Read on below to see what we offer for your wooden pallet needs. 

Pallet Close Up

Types of Grades Available for our 48 x 40 Wood Pallets For Sale

We have grade A & B pallets available for our 48x40 pallets. With over eight years of experience, and over 20 combined years of industry knowledge, we strive to provide all the types of grades you need for your used wooden pallets.

Heat Treat Services & Rush Deliveries Available

Do you need to export your pallets internationally? We can help there, too. Our used wooden pallets can be heat treated to ensure they are fully compliant with international export requirements. This includes giving your pallets the ISPM-15 stamp needed for the complete exportation of your products. 


Looking for rush deliveries? Our team also provides rush delivery services including freight services outside of our shipping areas. 


Chat with us to learn more about both our heat treatment and rush delivery services

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