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Slash manufacturing costs and go green when you use our high-quality HDPE plastics. Regrind plastics have been reclaimed from other products by shredding them back down so they can be melted and remolded into other products.

1 truckload available every month.

PE highand low mix with calcium both available.


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Benefits of Using HDPE Regrind Plastic


HDPE is cost-effective; since it's post-consumer recycled plastic, you pay less. With being UV-resistant, dishwasher safe, and resistance to chemical solvents, this sturdy recycled plastic is ready to serve a wide variety of applications, including packaging, toys, chemical containers, pipe systems, bins, and plastic bags.


High-PE (polyethylene) HDPE, a rigid, durable product that offers more chemical resistance, whereas low-PE HDPE gives you gives you a softer and more flexible plastic with a lower melting point.


Buying Used Regrind Plastic Through Packaging One is:

• Resistant to chemical solvents 
• Non-leaching 
• Can withstand high temperatures 

• BPA-free 
• Colored throughout the process, so no need to repaint 
In short, HDPE helps you create high-quality plastic products. We further reduce
costs and improve performance by adding calcium.

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Don't let your scrap plastic get into landfills. Our plastic grinding and repurposing process can help your company maintain its recycling and sustainability goals. We are anxious to speak with to to learn how we can work with you once or ongoing as your partner in your recycling efforts.

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Any plastic you want to sell fort scrap is what we want. We buy pellets, regrind, bales, purge, and injection mold types. 40,000 lbs minimum.

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