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What is a Gaylord Box; and Why You Should Buy Them Used

Gaylord boxes, or bulk-sized corrugated boxes, are simply large or bulk size boxes that are used in the shipping industry for shipping products in a large, singular container or on a pallet.

Gaylord boxes have many packaging uses since they can hold up to 2,000lbs and are best suited for companies, or individuals, who need to ship inexpensive materials. Need to store material such as plastic, scrap plastic, or metal? Gaylord boxes are for you too.

Whatever you can fit into the box, this is the box that will suit your needs.

Gaylord Boxes can:

  • have up-to a 2,000lb capacity

  • be spacious

  • be sturdy

  • be inexpensive, when purchased used


Typical Uses of Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes are strong and heavy boxes that can essentially handle just about anything you throw at them - even if we suggest placing items within them. The boxes have a number of benefits to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. And while they are primarily used for shipping, storage, and moving, they can also be used for display purposes.

For example - keep an eye out at the grocery store next time you take a lap around the produce, especially around fall time. You'll notice that the corrugated boxes have a tendency to show up holding fresh produce or bagged products.


Why Lightly Used Gaylord Boxes?

While Gaylord boxes are perfect for a variety of uses, we have to give all the credit to how the boxes are actually made. Gaylord boxes are made using corrugated cardboard; a cardboard thats stiff, strong, and lightweight in material made up of three layers of Kraft paper. And best of all? The type of paper resists tearing, splitting, and bursting. The result of how these boxes are made is a box that is entirely durable, impact resistant, and flexible.

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