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5 Benefits of Using Gaylord Boxes in Your Shipping Process

Gaylord boxes are a godsend for companies in the business of selling and shipping products. They provide multiple benefits to keep your business moving in the right direction. In today’s post, we’re looking at the benefits of wholesale Gaylord boxes and what they could mean for your business.

What Are Wholesale Gaylord Boxes?

A Gaylord box is a large corrugated bulk cargo box. They are excellent for shipping bulk materials. They are made to neatly stack on top of pallets. Gaylord boxes are the perfect addition to your shipping toolkit. Gaylord Boxes are also referred to as pallet containers or boxes, tote boxes, and bulk bins. You’ll find them offered by shipping and packaging companies.

Gaylord boxes that we use holding 1,000+ lbs of plastic material each
Gaylord boxes that we use holding 1,000+ lbs of plastic material each

Top Benefits of Using Gaylord Boxes

#1. Eco-Friendly

The used Gaylord boxes we offer come from facilities and plants that no longer have use for them. The material that was in the boxes (plastic resin, metal shavings, old electronics) has been removed and the boxes were bought and picked up by Packaging One, to be separated, cleaned, stacked, and sold to our customers. Buying used Gaylord boxes when your company is allowed to, will lead to fewer manufacturing byproducts like excess water consumption, CO2, and deforestation caused by the creation of new Gaylord Boxes and help your brand image.

#2. Cost-Friendly

Gaylord boxes are also cost-effective. They save you money because they are reusable and have a longer shelf-life than other storage materials. They are also oversized, which allows you to save money by shipping all your items together in bulk. If you want to save money and are looking for a long-term yet, cost-effective solution, then Gaylord boxes are the right fit for you and your business.

#3. Robustness

Perhaps more surprising is the durability of Gaylord boxes. Depending on what you’re storing or shipping in them, they can be used for more extended periods. The corrugated material of the cardboard strengthens it, making it more resistant to damage and environmental factors. If you are looking for the best bulk shipping boxes, Gaylord boxes are excellent.

Close up of a heavy duty 5 wall corrugated Gaylord Box
Close up of a heavy-duty 5 wall Gaylord Boxe that we have in stock

#4. Flexible

Available for multiple uses, Gaylord boxes are ideal for virtually any shipping or storage need. The flexibility of these totes makes them a must-have for any serious eCommerce store or brand. Companies can maximize their storage space, save money, and customize these totes to fit a variety of purposes.

A Gaylord Box with a cut-out for easy access to the inside . A easy addition for customers who stack smaller boxes or have return packages that need processing
A Gaylord box with a cut-out for easy access to the inside. An easy addition for customers with eCommerce stores who stack smaller boxes or have return packages that need processing

#5. Easy to Use

While you might not think it, durable boxes can also be flexible. Our easy-to-open totes are available in multiple sizes and shapes (octagon, square, and rectangle) to help your business. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many options available with these shipping containers.

Start Using Gaylord Boxes, Today!

Ready to get the most out of your storage and shipping materials?

Then it is time to consider using Gaylord boxes.

They are a bit more expensive than traditional cardboard boxes because they are tear-resistant, reusable, and heavy-duty.

They can also hold significant amounts of weight, making them a go-to for serious shipments.

When you’re ready to order wholesale Gaylord boxes, contact us. We’ll ensure you get the best deal on these incredible shipping products.

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