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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Gaylord Boxes

Whether you have you have deep knowledge about Gaylord boxes or you're just getting familiar with them, having a good understanding of Gaylord boxes is best paired with how they work and how they are different. For Packaging One, this information is crucial for how we consume these boxes as well as for our retailers.

What is a Gaylord Box?

There's a common theme with Gaylord boxes, and it tends to be "What the heck? Why is there a box with that name?" Trust us, for while the boxes name is fairly unique, it's definition not rocket science.

A Gaylord box is primarily used by industrial companies. Most commonly, the Gaylord box is referred to as a bulk bin, pallet box, or tote box. These are all names for the same thing, a Gaylord box.

In much simpler terms, a Gaylord box is a heavy-duty box that comes in different sizes, with different levels of ply's or thickness and two shapes, octagonal and rectangular shape. A Gaylord box is a bulk box that is made out of corrugated cardboard giving it its 3 biggest properties its lightweight, sturdiness, and spacious dimensions.

What is the Difference Between Levels of Walls on Gaylord Boxes?

What is a wall and why are they important?

Simply put, walls are the thickness of your box. The more walls, the bigger the box's weight capacity is. You wouldn't want to put in hundreds upon thousands of pounds of material in a box that wasn't strong enough.

In comparing a 3-wall box versus a 5-wall box, the resistance is paired with pounds of material. And the easiest way to remember what part are the walls? Check out your boxes and look for the squiggly cardboard within the layers.

What is a Gaylord Box Used For?

Gaylord boxes have various purposes and benefits for both consumers and retailers. A Gaylord Box is often used by food retailers to store produce and groceries, as well as by industrial companies.

These boxes are very suitable for people that need to transport or hold heavy amounts of weight, as Gaylord Boxes are made out of corrugated material it makes them perfect for heavy duty work.

Does the Size of a Gaylord Box Matter?

If what determines the weight capacity is dependent on the ply (thickness) then does the size matter?

It does and it doesn't; let's explain why.

A Gaylord Box comes in various sizes with different thicknesses. A smaller box with more ply's can hold more than a bigger box with less ply's. In this scenario, size does not matter.

If you have a small pallet to place the bigger box on, you will have a big issue as the box will not be able to be transported, nor holdable. This makes the size matter a lot more.

To break it down, the size only matters when deciding on what pallet you will place it on, and well, of course if you want to place more quantity but not more weight.

What is a Gaylord Box Made Out Of?

What exactly makes these boxes so robust?

It all comes from the material that it's made out of. Gaylord boxes are made from corrugated cardboard made up by three layers of kraft paper. One layer is cramped up and down and it's glued in between the other two papers, creating a corrugated pattern. This material gives it amazing qualities its price and its durability. Which makes the Gaylord box have an abundance of space depending on the size, and its amazing durability.

How Long Does a Gaylord Box Last?

Looking for a box that is heavy-duty and that lasts up to several years with the right maintenance? Then the Gaylord box is right for you.

A Gaylord box will last you a very long time if never in contact with water as we all know what water tends to do to cardboard. As long as you don't wet your Gaylord box, you'll have a box that can last for several uses.

Is a Gaylord Box for Everyone?

Requiring large amounts of products to be stored, shipped, or moved? Then the Gaylord box is right for you.

Even the price is right! The price of a Gaylord box is a bit higher than usual cardboard boxes as they are tear resistant, heavy-duty, and reusable. Gaylord boxes are perfect for an industrial packaging business, as these boxes are meant to hold heavy amounts of weight. These boxes can hold up to 4,000 lbs, depending on the ply's. So if you are in need of heavy duty packaging don't hesitate on getting your hand on a Gaylord box.

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