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Gaylord Boxes

Truckload Quantities Available (500 Boxes)

Packaging One deals with a multitude of used gaylord boxes; both better for the environment and our customer's pockets. Our inventory consists of standard size octagon gaylord boxes (48x40x40) with options of 2-5 walls, rectangle boxes, as well as HPT-41's.

Truckloads available for octagon boxes. 

Interested in truckloads for other boxes? Contact Us.

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Pricing for boxes depends on the condition, quantity, and type of box.

Benefits of Using Recycled Gaylord Boxes


Packaging One is empowering companies to save an average of 20-30% on purchases of used gaylord boxes and up to 80% compared to buying brand new. Gaylord boxes through Packaging One are purchased all over the United States. Once received, Packaging One puts all boxes through a cleaning and separating procedure in order to sell them to our customers. And thats why Packaging One customers save a tremendous amount of money and while helping the environment.



Buying Used Gaylord Boxes Through Packaging One Are:

  • Affordable

  • Reliable 

  • Available in Truckload Quantities

What is a Gaylord Box?

And Why You Should Buy Them Used



FAQs of Gaylord Boxes

The Answer to All Your Gaylord Box Questions


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Questions? Need a Quote?

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Ready to Sell Your Lightly-Used Gaylord Boxes?


Have Gaylord boxes that you want off your hands? Packaging One is empowering companies by recycling and upcycling lightly used packaging supplies.

We want to buy your boxes!

Packaging One purchases Gaylord boxes all over the United States.We clean and separate your lightly-used Gaylord boxes to help the environment.

Selling Gaylord Boxes
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