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We provide our customers with used industrial packaging supplies and plastic, that they already use for a discounted price. We make good use of used industrial packaging supplies and scrap plastic that wouldn't have been recycled and give it new life, by offering our products to our customers, in order to help them save money and help the environment. We have the resources and machinery to help you save on your industrial packing supplies, plastic needs, and your waste mangement. 


Gaylord Boxes

Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes That Can Support 1,500 to 3,000 lbs Worth Of Product, Such As Scrap Metal, Plastic, And Many Other Types Of Material For Way Cheaper Than Brand New Boxes.


Used Standard Size Pallets Available At All Times That Can Carry 4,600 - 5000 lbs, As Well As Custom Ordered Pallets Made To Your Specificiations.


Thousands Of Used Once Bulk Bags Available At All Times. We Can Also Supply You With New Bulk Bags If Needed.


We Can Drop 40 Yard Roll Off Containers And Haul Away Your Plastic, Garbage, And Construction Waste. Call To Schedule An Appointment. 


Polypropylene (PP) , High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Regrind, and Polyethylene (PE) Hi Low Mix With Calcium In Stock At Our Warehouse


Our Steel 55 Gallon Drums That Have Been Used Once, Can Hold Industrial Products , Chemicals, And Even Water. All For A Lower Price Than Brand New Ones.



Packaging One has been in been in the business of Boxes for over 20+ years and has come to be number one in Houston, supplying used Gaylord Boxes for a reasonable price with awesome shipping and great customer service. Supplier of Used Packaging materials such as boxes, pallets, bulk bags, and drums to over 1,500+ customers. Packaging One is based out of Houston, Texas, and supplies the majority of its customer around and in Texas but with the thousands of interactions made over the years, Packaging One has gained many vendors across the nation that can help you with your supply needs. Contact Us today for a quote for your company supplies.

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