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A Professional Guide to Custom Pallets—What You Need to Know

Packaging One provides quality custom pallets to various businesses in a variety of industries. Although there is seemingly just one sized pallet, the pervasive 48x40, some shipments call for a customized pallet.

Are you thinking about ordering custom-made pallets for your next shipment? If so, there are a few things you need to know before you place your order. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of custom pallets and how you can make an informed decision.

What Are Custom Pallets Made of?

Wooden pallets consist of multiple components. Each component plays an integral part in building the pallet itself. These various parts include Stringers, Blocks, Deck boards, Notches, Lead Boards, and Chamfered edges.


Stringers (Or other names such as Runners and 2x4s) are rigid wood pallets with a board that stretches the length of the pallet. They are placed in between deck boards and blocks. Most stringers range between 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches in hard lumber.

Deck Boards

Deck boards (Or other names such as Top Boards) are located at the top or bottom of a custom pallet. They sit perpendicular to the stringers and create stability and support for the pallet.


The notch is positioned at the lower part of the stringer to allow a forklift to lift and move the pallet more efficiently.

Top Part of the Leader Board

Leader boards are on the front and back ends of the pallet.


Easily identified as either the corner block, inner block, edge block, end block, inner, center, or middle block, this component is a rectangular cylindrical deck space saver. This is used to build block-style custom-made pallets.

Stacks of block pallets
Stacks of block pallets they are easily identifiable because of the corner blocks of wood and middle blocks of wood

Why Would You Need Custom Pallets?

Custom-made pallets are designed from scratch with your unique shipment needs in mind. These types of pallets are the ideal solution for various transport needs. Ultimately, you may need help with a specific shipment that requires a custom pallet.

Your need for a custom pallet is based on your logistics environment.

For example, perhaps your project requires extra oversized pallets or somewhat smaller than standard pallets. Customized options allow you to order pallets that are the right size for your products because they’re made with the measurements you need.

In most cases, custom-made pallets come with unique design additions, including doubled wide leader boards, extra fasteners, and double middle stringers.

If you plan to save money, use pallets for a specific display purpose, or want to transport your items in a new way, hand-designed and made pallets are the best option.

The Standard Weight Of a Custom Pallet Can Handle

How much weight a pallet can handle is directly related to the way it’s built. The average weight a standard pallet, 48x40, can manage is 4,600 lbs.

At Packaging One, we can provide you with every type of pallet you need to handle virtually any weight. As the size of your pallet increases, so does its ability to handle the increased weight.

Ordering Pallets from Packaging One

If you need custom-made pallets, then it’s time to place an order with us. We provide customized pallets to help with your pallet need and keep you and your business budget in mind.

Get the support you need with help from a team of professionals when choosing Packaging One as your pallet supplier.

Contact us today!

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